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23 Things I Have Learnt At 23

23 Things  I Have Learnt At 23

Everyone that knows me knows I’m an old soul,I am wise beyond my years, no seriously I am. I have lived and I have learnt from my mistakes. I have compiled my witty gems of wisdom and observations and I think they are worth taking to heart.

1. What another woman does with her life is none of your business.

2. Nothing good could ever come out of being friends with someone who gossips about their other friends with you.

3. Stop looking at yourself through rose colored glasses. Learn your mind, understand your behaviour patterns, why do you react the way that you do in certain situations? unlearn your toxic behavior. Emotional intelligence is a major key.

4. You can’t save anyone that doesn’t want to be saved, you are not Jesus.

5. Learn to laugh at yourself.

6. People will leave you, thats okay.

7. Pick a cause, educate yourself about it, make a difference.

8. Make time for your friends and family, even if it means scheduling them into your calendar and setting reminders to call and check on them.

9. Accept things EXACTLY as they are as soon as you possibly can, there is a certain delay that comes with denial and wallowing and you don’t want that.

10. Support your friends, show up to their events, buy their products, pay for their services.

11. You do not need to address every rumour you hear about yourself “silence can never be misquoted”

12. Positive affirmations are very important every morning tell yourself you are beautiful, you are capable and you are loved.

13. Compliment yourself every time you accomplish a task no matter how small, applaud yourself for all your achievements this will keep you motivated.

14. Your confidence will make you memorable.

15. Block him, no seriously if you can’t (cause you don’t want to look bitter) then block and unblock him that way you both unfollow each other and mute his account for good measure. You do not want to derail your healing process by seeing his posts or by posting pictures faking happiness or even worse needy attention seeking quotes to gain his sympathy. DELETE HIS NUMBER

16. Be your FIRST LOVE. Love yourself the way you have always dreamt of being loved. Accept yourself, be kind to yourself. Eat healthy and exercise, live a large life, TRAVEL, dance and most importantly drink 2 glasses of water before you pass out drunk.

17. AVOID THE UNHAPPY AND UNLUCKY. I came across this while reading the 48 Laws of Power and boy did I find it true.

And I quote

“You can die from someone else’s misery-emotional states are as infectious as diseases. You may feel you are helping the drowning man but you are only precipitating your own disaster. The unfortunate sometimes draw misfortune on themselves; they will also draw it on you. Associate with the happy and fortunate instead.”

18. Drink water, INFUSED water!

19. Chasing your dreams literally means chasing your dreams, writing proposals, making presentations, approaching people(organizations) and asking. A lot of asking. You have to ask, the worst they can do is say no, but I have found people who have said yes and I would not have gotten the opportunities if I had not asked.

20. You dictate your value.

21. Friendships can be toxic too, friends who do not support you and only make you doubt yourself are not healthy for you. Cut them loose.

22. “The moment you have to remind someone you exist,you have devalued yourself”

23. You are beautiful, even when no one is liking.

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