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5 Things to Love about Sungeni Cottage

5 Things to Love about Sungeni Cottage

Mangochi has countless beach cottages. I have stayed at three but only one was worth writing home about. My stay at Sungeni Cottage was the most relaxing getaway for me this year, I think the reason for this is that it is a truly quiet and tranquil place that couldn’t help but slow my mind down. I would like for you to experience this place and here are 5 things that I think you will love about it:

This Patio

Patio - Sungeni Cottage

Where you can have your meals, lounge and play board games.

1 of 4 rooms

Room - Sungeni Cottage

With all the amenities and comforts of home.

This garden

Garden - Sungeni Cottage

That is so calming to look at and is just ideal for a picnic.

Cocoon Chairs

Cocoon Chair - Sungeni Cottage

To rock in, read in and take pictures in.

The pier

That is the crown jewel of this cottage. The views at sunrise are breath taking and worth the early morning.

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