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6 Things to do this Labor Day That Just aren’t Drinking

6 Things to do this Labor Day That Just aren’t Drinking
Happy Labor Day

Ah labor day!the one day capitalism tries to make you feel like you aren’t wasting you life away in the system and your efforts are appreciated.
Also full disclosure,some of the things on this list involve drinking albeit light. Mid week holidays suck because they throw your body clock off,which is why turn up must have been had last night and not today but you people like to live on the edge so….anyway

Go to an art exhibition

You might be surprised that entry is sometimes free and often quiet in expensive,the art itself can be steep and rightly so. You don’t need to buy anything,you just have to look at it,tilt your head to the side and pretend to be lost in thought and admiration. Jacaranda Cultural Centre usually has art on exhibition most days of the month(I am on their mailing list,I feel so cultured)

Go to kaunjika

The best day to go is monday or friday but then you are at work and during the weekend you can’t even be bothered,but you know you need new swag(is that a word we are still saying or?)So gather all your change and go to the flea market.Go early,wear sneakers because someone will most likely step on you and pack a drinking yogurt and water.

Poetry night at Kwa Haraba

I realized horror series are more insightful than horror movies maybe because of the longer run time.
For instance Penny Dreadful covered everything from witchcraft and feminism interchangeably,colonialism,racism, elitism,morality,patriarchy,mythism, Christianity,reincarnations okay I could go on all day. It was honestly one of the most eye opening series I have ever watched in my life.
I’ve heard nice things about American Horror story too.

Take a hike?

or a walk really nothing too hectic,you don’t want to be sore at your desk tomorrow

Do what thou wilt

Read a book,binge watch a series, go see family,spend the day in bed or get drunk do whatever you’ve been meaning to do when you had the day off
happy labor day!

Xa 🖤

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