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Boss Babe Habits To Develop Now

Boss Babe Habits To Develop Now

A boss babe to me is a savvy business/career woman who takes on life with fearlessness, but also takes time to feel the sun on her face. That’s the type of woman I strive to be, I want to be smart and sophisticated while still working on growing as a person and becoming the best version of myself.
Here are some habits I am trying to develop to become that woman.

Plan ahead

A boss babe is a do it all girl who is always on top of her game and is a time management queen. Plan everything ahead of time so that nothing surprises you and you don’t miss deadlines. Before you sleep write your to do list for the following day, add events that pop up during the month to your calendar. Planning ahead is one of those habits that will save you from feeling overwhelmed and anxious over your day to day tasks.

Rest like a queen

No, not just beauty sleep, but getting enough sleep means you are making your health a priority. So, put your phone away, take a bath and have a warm glass of milk or wine to help you sleep. Getting enough sleep will help your body to recoup and slay life.

Get it done

A boss babe has an unparalleled work ethic, a boss babe gets it done no excuses.
A lot of time we procrastinate because we think we are going to fail or we have already failed before we even begin. Our minds blow our tasks out of proportion, telling us that we are not well equipped, we don’t have enough time or it’s not going to be good enough. So we end up pushing it off until later but the magic you are looking for is in the work you are avoiding. So, set a timer and focus hard on that one task that you really need to get done, no distractions just work. When your time is up you can now check your phone and reward yourself.

Make smart goals

Goals can be an important factor in overall success. But not every goal is equally important. Smart is an acronym for: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. Make a list of your long-term goals, short term goals and daily goals (these are the tasks that you will take every day to achieve the long-term goals)


A wise woman aka me, once said “hard work without the connections can be so redundant”. It can be frustrating when you are not getting gigs or jobs that you know you would be great at because you didn’t know somebody. Most people are likely to employ/work with someone they already know. So, no matter the place takes a chance to network and get to know people and make sure they get to know your capabilities.

Know what you are talking about

Be curious and be interested, this is what makes you interesting. In the age of information, it would be an embarrassment to be at a cocktail and not be able to hold a conversation. With the exception of sports, there is lot going on out there that you should have a smart opinion about. Watch Vice and read the New York times

No mistakes just lessons

Realize that a comeback is always stronger than a setback. Nourish.grow, inspire most importantly try and try again.

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