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Maybe Mars Cafe Review

Hey lovelies, As soon as I saw that a new spot had opened up in the city, I knew I had to get there before Xara – a.k.a. the blogging baddie who pretty much owns 90% of restaurant & location reviews real estate in Blantyre […]

Cute Crochet For Summer | Aliche Creations

Hey lovelies, If you’re like me and you thought the crochet trend would be a quick flash in the fashion pan, it looks like we were wrong. Crochet has been having a moment since 1 b.c. (before Corona)(aka 2019) and has maintained trend momentum well […]

George’s Food Truck Review

Lovelies, George’s Food Truck has long given me online FOMO with their delectable looking food and interesting Mexican-ish menu. I’m sure anyone who’s not from the dusty city has also felt the criminal levels of kusilila (envy) when we look at pictures of the Lilongwe […]

Dapper Restaurant Review

Dapper Restaurant Review

This was the first time I’d been to Dapper Restaurant. I knew we were going to be in for a We Want Plates situation the moment our menus showed up and they were clipboards. Cut to (I don’t remember how many) minutes later and my food was looking […]

Elly B’s African Diner Review

Let me just get this out of the way – I’m not a fan of Elly B’s. It’s over-hyped, first of all, and the chances of enjoying yourself there may as well be down to the flip of a coin. I’ve been there a couple […]

Casa Mia Restuarant (and Lodge) Mini-Review

Having forgotten my camera, my review of Casa Mia isn’t going to be as detailed as I would prefer. I took some photos on my phone but mostly of the food and hardly of any decor or any image that better captures the spot. Let’s […]