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Chinese Food – Where to eat it in Blantyre

Chinese Food – Where to eat it in Blantyre

Hey lovies,

I am back with another listicle! this time around talking about my favorite cuisine of all time. Seriously I could eat Chinese everyday for a year and not complain.

While there are a number of restaurants that serve Chinese food, there are -to my Knowledge – only 6 Chinese restaurants in Blantyre. Which is a shame because I am always looking to try new eateries.

Anyway, I have compiled a list of the ones I have been to,and I will be updating it as we go so be sure to bookmark this page for your next date ❤

1. Gouyang Hotel Restaurant

Is the first and best on this list. It is also the only restaurant that offers chopsticks without asking, they have most diverse menu and they are devoted to the appearance of the food with varied colours and aromas.

I wrote an in depth review of the squid and beer duck I enjoyed the last time I visited them which you can read about here.

Last I checked they were closed because of covid19 but I recommend that you still check on them as they might have opened.

2. Golden Peacock Restaurant

If you’re looking for an immersive chinese dining experience then Golden peacock is the restaurant for you. Their aesthetic and ambience is the best I’ve seen,you might actually forget you are in Blantyre.

Their food is tasty and the cutlery is polished. I wouldn’t mind giving them another try.

3. Malawi Sun Restaurant

The other day, S/O and I were looking to go on a lunch date but most of the restaurants were closed and the others were only serving take away. So when we went to Malawi Sun after driving around all afternoon, it was as a last resort.

I was surprised to find Chinese food on their menu, but I was even more surprised by how delicious it was. I truly never expected it and it was absolutely delightful. From the bottom of my heart I recommend Malawi Sun Chinese Food. Please give them a try.

4. Hong Kong

When the food is good,it is really good. But when they miss? boy do they miss. This lack of consistency is why I have reservations.

But they are the most affordable on this list,so if you are craving chinese on a tight budget, do give them a try as their food is plentiful.

5. Gelato Carnival

Gelato Carnival at ShopRite offers some of the best Chinese food on this list. I recommend that you try their Kung Pao chicken, Mongolian beef stir fry and noodles. Just a heads up, their Chinese chef doesn’t work everyday. I know that during the weekend he works on Sunday and not on Saturday.

6. Copper Pot – Crossroads Hotel

The Copper pot is the main restaurant at crossroads hotel. While they are well known for their Indian food, they also have a Chinese menu. I ordered the Chicken chow Mein, Beef Hot Garlic and the Copper Pot Special which was served surprisingly fast.

So there you have it, all the places I have had Chinese in Blantyre.

Do let me know if there are any other restaurants I missed and I will check them out.

Thank you for reading, lot’s of love


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  • I’ve never wanted to live in Blantyre more. I LOVE Chinese food and LL is desperately lacking. Thank you for this. 💛

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