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Coffee Culture

Coffee Culture
Coffee Culture Blantyre

On Monday, The S/o and I were running errands in Maselema industrial area when I came across this menu.

Menu - Coffee Culture Blantyre

As you should know by now noodle stir fry is my kryptonite. After squinting at the price, I was shocked that it cost a fraction of what I usually spend on stir fry noodles. And so it was decided,we were having lunch in Maselema.

Coffee Culture

View Coffee Culture Blantyre

Is a rooftop terrace cafe that offers a wide range of coffee,sandwiches,desserts and other cafe style food. They have a coffee bar vibe going on on the inside,but my favorite part was the outside sitting area.

Terrace, Coffee Culture Blantyre

It has an artificial green turf and real plants. And being the plant momma that I am, I was immediately sold.

Plants, Coffee Culture Blantyre

The Food

Stir Fry Noodles , Coffee Culture Blantyre

I ordered a chicken noodle stir fry and some lemon and lime tea. Their hot beverages are served in branded metal cups.

Stir Fry Noodles, Coffee Culture Blantyre

I thought my the noodle portion would be small and I would have to order a side,but it was a suprisingly fufilling bowl that I did not finish. I found that the garlic and green chilli pepper were the most delightful aspect of my meal.

How to get there

When to go

Directions, Coffee Culture Blantyre

That’s it from me, don’t forget to wear your masks and sanitize those hands.

Stay safe


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