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Cute Crochet For Summer | Aliche Creations

Hey lovelies,

If you’re like me and you thought the crochet trend would be a quick flash in the fashion pan, it looks like we were wrong. Crochet has been having a moment since 1 b.c. (before Corona)(aka 2019) and has maintained trend momentum well into the Spring/Summer 2020 season.

As Malawi settles into its summer, I thought I’d share one of the designers I think does crochet so well – Aliche Creations.

Connect with the brand

Aliche Creations is the delightful brain-child of South Africa based Malawian designer, Alison Kadangwe. Although in the construction industry for 20 years, her passion is creating hand-crafted crochet and knitwear; such as the lovely design you see here in the post.

Model: Sharon Kadangwe

Her crochet designs are cute, current and speak very deeply to my black girl magic fantasy. I love so much of Alison’s catalogue of creations.

If you’re looking to sport some fun, colourful and affordable crochet designs this summer, consider shopping from Aliche Creations. Alison’s designs are available on her store and she delivers outside of South Africa so no matter where you are, one of her crochet pieces can be yours.

PS: Sharon has guest posted on this little corner of the internet. You can check out her post by clicking this link.

What do you think, lovelies? Are you as in love with Aliche Creations as I am? Have you embraced the crochet trend? Let me know in the comments

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