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Dinner At Chez Maky – A Restaurant Review

Dinner At Chez Maky – A Restaurant Review

I remember the first time I had Chez Maky food, I was on my way to Chiradzulu with my girls .We had hit a fog so dense we could barely see in.I was felling anxious and I remembered Rachael brought a doggy bag from her lunch date at Maky’s. So I started eating to distract myself. The Mongolian beef stir fry was so good I decided I was going to chez maky as soon as I got out of the fog.

The restaurant

Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of going to the old chez maky in Kabula, but I have heard many rave about the stunning views. The new Maky’s is still a work in progress. Adorned by artworks by the restaurant proprietor himself, Chez Maky is a sprawling rustic lounge. With a roaring fire place and cozy arm chairs, and a sofa set even. With a bar well away from the lounging area, a book case you could order your wine curl up with a book and you would feel right at home

The food

Wanting to satiate the craving of Chinese that brought me to Chez Makys, I ordered a Mongolian pork stir fry, which was way more affordable than I expected it to be. While we waited our gracious host brought us a chicken and mushroom soup which laced with kambuzi chili and a hint of black pepper was absolutely to die for(no seriously you have to try this) The main course took about 15 minutes and the smell was just breath taking. Digging into my food, I vaguely suspect it had spaghetti instead of the noodles component which was a bit disappointing but the juicy pork made me forgive this.

How to get there

Chez maky is located at the old Sunnyside lodge in Sunnyside Blantyre. I am really bad with directions but after you take the Gelato Carnival turn, you take the second right turn into a dirt road which leads you directly to Maky’s. If you do get lost, my apologies please use Google maps.

When to go

Any day any time. But I would recommend a rainy day or in the evening because the restaurant gets a warm glow especially with the fire place

Why I loved it

The food is affordable,delicious and fufiling(no really we all took doggy bags to go). The proprietor is a charming man, really friendly and he even offered us wine on the house and from what I have heard he occasionally does this so you might get lucky :).It is a quiet place and i really enjoyed catching up with my friends there,you know I prefer all things rustic and rough around the edges over high end polished over the top spaces so Chez Maky is my kind of vibe.

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