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Eating in White Spaces: Caffè Grazia – a Restaurant Review

Eating in White Spaces: Caffè Grazia – a Restaurant Review

I thought I was fine until I  realized I was literally sitting on the edge on my seat, I felt like everyone was looking at me but of course they weren’t I was just feeling out of place. This is what happens when you find yourself in a space where no one looks like you.

I was at Caffé Grazia alone, because I had a long weekend planned of hanging out with different sets of friends and  I was panicking, overwhelmed and in need of  alone time. I’d been meaning to come to Caffé Grazia for a while because I am always around the area but I never got around to doing it for one reason or another. But this Saturday I went straight after work before they close at 2 pm and I didn’t want to have any excuses.

The restaurant

Doesn’t look like much from the front, but when you walk in you realize how spacious and austere it is.

The inside which smells like freshly brewed espresso, has a high wooden beam ceiling, a cement and brick floor, wooden chairs and tables covered in African print table cloth. I would soon realize that a lot of things here are covered in African print cloth. On the right is a mural depicting Malawian village living and iron stairs leading up to an upstairs sitting area.

But my favorite part? The veranda sitting area, waiting to be discovered like a little secret if you dare to venture beyond the inside. The garden is so green and pretty with pink flowers, and the white curtains on the veranda give off cabana vibes you almost forget you are actually on kidney crescent in Blantyre. It is truly lovely for lack of better word.

The food

Is mostly carb based Mediterranean, Italian cuisine. I wasn’t feeling like panini or pizza so I ordered a short pasta with Bolognese sauce which had a sour kick but was frankly quiet forgettable. It did not come with any side greens. So I had to order a salad separately and ended up ordering the Donna Grazia which stole the whole show.  It is a salad comprised of grilled chicken, beans, feta, olive, mustard seeds, tomato and capers. It is the best salad I have ever had in my whole entire life. It was so flavorful, crunchy, juicy and fulfilling. It was EVERYTHING. It is served with a small focaccia.

How to get there far

Caffe Grazia is actually not easy to find especially if you are not familiar with Blantyre. This is the address – Kidney Crescent Rd | Utawaleza Center, Blantyre, Malawi – I strongly suggest using Google maps

When to go

Monday               9am–4pm

Tuesday               9am–4pm

Wednesday         9am–4pm

Thursday              9am–4pm

Friday    9am–4pm

Saturday              9am–2pm

Sunday  Closed

Why I loved it

1. The Donna grazia changed my life and set pretty high standards for any salad I will ever encounter from now on wards.

2. The garden might be the most Zen space I have been to in Blantyre so far. I cannot emphasize how chill it was. I am absolutely in love.

3. They are a plastic free restaurant. Seriously, even the straws are neon metal. So points for being kind to the environment.

4. Their desserts looked really colorful and tasty and I was so sad I couldn’t have them because I am lactose intolerant, so please try them and tell me about it in DETAIL.

5. They have vegetarian options on their menu.

6. Freshly squeezed juice, it was so nice trying to be pseudo-healthy after eating carbs.

I highly do not recommend going alone this will leave you feeling alienated. Before my friend Michelle arrived to save the day I seriously considered leaving before I even ordered. But when I had company, I relaxed and actually enjoyed my time there.

Thank you for reading,have an amazing week

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