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Elly B’s African Diner Review

Let me just get this out of the way – I’m not a fan of Elly B’s. It’s over-hyped, first of all, and the chances of enjoying yourself there may as well be down to the flip of a coin.

I’ve been there a couple of times. The first time I got the ribs as a takeaway. It certainly wasn’t anything to write home about but I gave them a pass because perhaps me not having the meal piping hot had something to do with me finding it sub par.
The second time, I actually dined there on my birthday and fair play to them, the food (we ordered chicken something something and a pizza with toppings I don’t remember) was far better than the ribs. It was actually enjoyable.
After this, I next went to Elly B’s for another takeaway. The service was really poor. The waitress attending to me was rude and rather unhelpful. The burger I got (the Blue Elly) wasn’t bad (wasn’t great either but you know it really wasn’t bad). However, I decided never to spend money there again which I haven’t done.
The most recent time I’ve been to Elly B’s was courtesy of my stepmom. I may not be happy to spend my own money there but you won’t frequently see me saying no to a free lunch!
I ordered the ribs (having entirely forgotten about the first takeaway since I’m a dunce) and my stepmom ordered the rump steak and another order of ribs for my sister.
I could hardly believe what came back. The “rump” steak looked like a minute steak. Both it and the ribs were dry and lacking flavour. The only saving grace of the meal was the chips.
The very worst past was the service which had been decent throughout until it was time to pay the bill. Our waitress received the money (which was counted in front of all parties) then she went away with it and then came back shortly to claim the money was short. Hmmm. I want to attribute to that to a simple error but it was dubious and I found it pretty distasteful.
Not to pile on the grief but I think Elly B’s generally has terrible service. We observed one of the staff being overly familiar with a customer and just acting quite inappropriately (and when the customer walked away, she followed which is so dread SMH)
The only good part about eating at Elly B’s is the nice decor and the fact that the food looks good (ish) so at least they may be worth a few insta likes or whatever. But the service is poor and the food is whack so unless it’s another free lunch or a stop at the bar, I probably won’t be going back to Elly B’s.

MY RATING: ★★✩✩✩ (rounded up from 1.5)

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  • This is so true…..last time I was there it took the waiters forever to come serve us…I was so annoyed…and the food wasn't that good I had a chicken ceaser salad….but it barely had any chicken in it…..hahaha I hope the improve

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