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George’s Food Truck Review

Lovelies, George’s Food Truck has long given me online FOMO with their delectable looking food and interesting Mexican-ish menu. I’m sure anyone who’s not from the dusty city has also felt the criminal levels of kusilila (envy) when we look at pictures of the Lilongwe based eatery and their food.

Photo Credit: George’s Food Truck

So, while I was Lilongwe last month – in the same neighbourhood as the home of tacos, no less – I decided I just couldn’t go back to Blantyre without knowing for myself if the food lived up to the foodstagram.

Photo Credit: George’s Food Truck

I ordered beef tacos and Tama, who did not pay but somehow insists she’s always looking out for me – her poorest friend, got herself vegetarian tacos at MK 3500 and MK 3000, respectively. However, we didn’t eat there because we had game shows to watch and so opted for takeaways instead.

We did sit in their seating area – a garage remodelled into a cool, quaint eating space – while waiting on our food from the very polite and friendly staff. They were even cool enough to let me be a mad woman and record this video.

Then Tama and I made our way home to feast. Long story short, they were good. My beef tacos were a good balance of heat, tang and umami. I personally really love Chinese lettuce salad on anything, so that was big plus for me.

I gave them a rating of 3.7 out of 5 on taste. My vegetarian comrade who had mushroom tacos gave them a rating of 3.5, stating that it was very enjoyable but “nothing special”. I had a cheeky bite of her veggie taco and I must say I did prefer the beef but only marginally. They were both pretty tasty.

Ultimately, I found George’s Food Truck well worth the hype and I will definitely stop by again.

With a chilled out location and great vibes, as the parlance of our times dictates I state, excellent service and pretty damn good food, my overall score for George’s Food Truck is a 3.8 out of 5.

Location: Area 47/ Sector 4/ House #690
Menu: Mexican
Rating: ★★★★✩ (Rounded up from 3.8)

Have you given George’s Food Truck a try? Or maybe you’re dying to? Let me know in the comments.

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PSS: Header + Title Image Photo Credit: George’s Food Truck.

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