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How to Weekend Getaway – Mulanje

How to Weekend Getaway – Mulanje

One of the few reasons I tolerate living in Blantyre is that I am spoiled for choice when it comes to doing a day or weekend getaway. We have Majete, Zomba, Mulanje, Thyolo and Liwonde – all just 1 hour 30 minutes away at most so you see can see the appeal. This weekend I went to Mulanje to unplug and I came up with this listicle for your next trip.

1. Don’t forget to pack the important stuff like the HDMI cable and SPF (there is no picture because I forgot these things)

2. Start off an hour before the time you planned on leaving because traffic in Limbe is a nightmare.

3. Stop by Hapuwani for a delicious pizza before proceeding to your lodgings.

4. Check in at Nalipiri Eco Resorts.

5. Call Mulanje Mountain Trek Tours and arrange your trip to Dziwe La Nkalamba pools.
+265 884 20 12 21

6. Have dinner at sunbird Kara o’ Mula

7. Spend the sunny morning doing laps around the pool.

8. Check out of your hotel and take the scenic Thyolo route back to Blantyre.

9. Stop to take pictures by the tea.

10. Get back to town and reminisce about your trip over some Chinese food at Malawi Sun.

Okay lovies that’s it from me today. Talk to you soon.

Xa 🖤

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