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Kaso Mw – Thrift Meets Art

Kaso Mw – Thrift Meets Art

I love thrifting, I really do. But I am not a young woman anymore and I can no longer handle the fatigue and back pain that comes with thrifting at the market. But I still enjoy discovering unique and vintage pieces, so I have resorted to frequenting shops that stock gently pre-loved clothing. I have recently discovered one on my office block that has quickly become a favourite.

Kaso Thrift Store

Is a quirky little store that stocks gently used imported clothing from the UK high street and contemporary graphic art by Malawian artists.

artwork by Akulu and Diana

It is this blend of high quality thrift wear and unique malawian visuals that makes the store one of a kind. Their merchandise consists of womens,mens and childrens wear. With brands like H&M, Asos, Primark, Mango, Monsoon and many others.


In Millie’s Artisan Bakery Compound


Talk to Temwa on whatsapp +265 998 584 567

on Instagram

That’s it from me today, pay them a visit and let me know what you think!


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