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Khomo La Coffee – Blantyre’s Hidden Gem

Khomo La Coffee – Blantyre’s Hidden Gem

Khomo La’ Coffee is a new tree house style café in Chimwankhunda, Blantyre. I had been seeing a few pictures of this space on WhatsApp but no one was forth coming with the details and I couldn’t find any information online, so I did some digging for you my dearest reader and found the directions and contacts.

The café

Is a rustic intimate lounge filled with antiques and vintage décor, it has four sitting areas which include a dinning table set up and some cozy enclosures, and the soft jazz music ties up the olden energy rather well.

The food

Meatballs and chips – Khomo La Coffee

Is simplistic, no fancy specialties. The menu has about 6 items in total and everything is reasonably priced.

How to get there

Need to know

Admission tea – La’ Coffee
  • Admission is by reservation only. Call Humphries to make your reservation +265 882 89 82 93.
  • Admission fee is 2500 kwacha and it comes with tea or coffee.
  • The café does not serve alcohol.
  • Dress warm as it gets rather cold up there.
  • Parking is a bit of a problem, so park up and walk down to the café.

Alright, that’s it from me today. If you visit Khomo La Coffee talk to me I would like to hear about your experience.

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