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La’ Coffee – Blantyre’s Hidden Gem

La’ Coffee – Blantyre’s Hidden Gem

La’ Coffee is a new tree house style café in Chimwankhunda, Blantyre. I had been seeing a few pictures of this space on WhatsApp but no one was forth coming with the details and I couldn’t find any information online, so I did some digging for you my dearest reader and found the directions and contacts.

The café

Is a rustic intimate lounge filled with antiques and vintage décor, it has four sitting areas which include a dinning table set up and some cozy enclosures, and the soft jazz music ties up the olden energy rather well.

The food

Meatballs and chips – La’ Coffee

Is simplistic, no fancy specialties. The menu has about 6 items in total and everything is reasonably priced.

How to get there

Take the Chimwankhunda Living Waters Church road. Pass the Living Waters Church and keep going till you reach the end of the tarmac road. Drive further straight into the dirt road until you see the sign for New Covenant Church. The café is in the same compound as the church, down the road on your left.

Need to know

Admission tea – La’ Coffee
  • Admission is by reservation only. Call Humphries to make your reservation +265 882 89 82 93.
  • Admission fee is 2500 kwacha and it comes with tea or coffee.
  • The café does not serve alcohol.
  • Dress warm as it gets rather cold up there.
  • Parking is a bit of a problem, so park up and walk down to the café.

Alright, that’s it from me today. If you visit La’ Coffee talk to me I would like to hear about your experience.

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