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Lunch Date – Millies Artisan Bakery

Lunch Date – Millies Artisan Bakery

Rachael and I were long overdue for a catch up session. Weekends are hectic for the both of us and it turns out we have outgrown after work drinks (shocking I know) and so it has been hard coming up with a plan that works for the both of us.

But lucky for us a new bakery opened on our work block and seeing as we are physically incapable of resisting new things, this was a plan that we agreed to with the quickness.

The Bakery

Has a spacious outdoors sitting area.

And a garden sitting area.

The interior is airy with green and pastel walls and has high windows that look out into the sprawling garden which gives off an outdoorsy feel.

The tables are filled with variations of rye and wheat breads.

Cookie jars line the walls and the counter is laden with sweet confectionery.

The Food

Is mostly pastry but they have some savory options. I ordered Some Ants on Tree -lettuce beef wraps and a Mexican Hibiscus.

For desert I had a Cake Pop which was really sweet but the Mexican Hibiscus took the sting off and washed it down nicely. I took a carrot cake and espresso to go.

How to get there

Millies Artisan Bakery is in Blantyre, on kidney crescent just after the Jungle Pepper and Dorewish complex on your right. Please use these directions according to google maps

When to go

monday to sartuday

9 am – 6 pm

Why I loved it

  • The bakery is plastic free and they use locally made paper bags
  • All the instagrammable sugary treats
  • It is very quiet and a great place to take out your laptop and get some work done
  • They have a POS machine so you can go cashless
  • Very warm and friendly staff

Thank you for reading, have a lovely weekend


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