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Lunch On the Rooftop

Lunch On the Rooftop

I am not sure why it took me so long to go to Splash Restaurant but I suspect I was waiting for the hooblah and fanfare to die down. And while I can understand the excitement,I really do appreciate a quiet dining experience without fear of making an appearance in a strangers selfie. 7 months later,it was finally time to go and see what the fuss was about.

The restaurant

Is an expansive tropical themed patio – on the fourth floor of Amaryllis Hotel. Complete with a bright color sheme,wicker funiture and an open blue sky,which gives off a feeling of being somewhere far away, a beach peharps?

The swimming pool on the deep edge of the roof top is an exquisite finishing touch to the breezy atmosphere and one can understand why Splash Restaurant has been the highlight of Blantyre since the hotel opened.

The food

I ordered the Chef’s Summer salad which had all the things I love – Squid,Prawns and Chicken with noodles and sweet chilli.

Michelle ordered the Lamb Keflitko,which came on unleaved bread. We ate from each other’s plate,as all people who love each other do.

How to get there

Directions according to google maps.

Why I loved it

  • Stunning views
  • The food is amazing
  • Very quiet and relaxing atmosphere
  • Instagrammable food and aesthetic
  • POS machine

PS: Carry a jumper because it gets a bit chilly because of the high altitude and if you don’t sit in the sun you feel cold.

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