Malawian Clothing Brands – Summer of Love

In the summer of 2020 a new clothing line took Malawi by storm. It was a tie dye collection which was inspired by the anime – Eureka Seven – in which they have an event/disaster, which is called “The Summer Of Love”.

Model Wamaka Twea in on of the designs

The T-shirts and hoodies were replete with well thought out and unique patterns of hues and tones, which the designers wanted to reflect people’s relation to color. The collaborators – Terry made designs, Kris base and Astrocean– decided early on to limit supply per batch, so that they could ensure that each piece was one of a kind and that there were no duplicates when making them.

The collection was so well received that the merch sold out on the first day at the pop up store in Blantyre. The collaborators then had the challenge of keeping up with demand as they did not anticipate how much of a hit their designs would be. Through out the summer, you could see people rocking the distinct colors at events and on social media. And This led to FOMO in those of us who missed out on the drop.

But I have been assured that Summer of Love will DEFINETLY be back – soon and I will have my wallet ready.

What other Malawian Clothing Line should we feature on the blog? let me know in the comments.

Xa 🖤

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