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Melanonia – A Book Review

Melanonia – A Book Review

In August of 2018, I attended a women’s poetry workshop. Our teacher asked the class to mention female Malawian creative writers. We couldn’t because we didn’t know any.

Over the past two years, I have had the pleasure of discovering Malawian womxn writers. And now thanks to Melanonia, I have been introduced to twenty nine more.

In the words of the editor – Wendy Hara

Melanonia, in it’s second realization is the unique voice of the Black African Womxn laid on paper. The shared experience of Black African Womxn immortalized in art and the embrace of diversity and individuality. It is the joy and sorrow of sisterhood.

Melanonia Exhibit – Art in the Park

Melanonia, a digital booklet curated by Creative Menace, explores themes of feminist identity, African feminine divinity, motherhood and womanhood. I found myself particularly lost in the explorations of body and self, in the yearning of joy and the unlearning of suffering as a prerequisite of our existence as women.

The striking visual art tells stories of its own. Portraits of daily life contrast paintings of women as the divine mother. Beneath the paint, textiles, and collaging, the art of Melanonia celebrates the beauty, pain, joy and resilience of African womxn. 

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I read some excerpts from the book, you can watch here.

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