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My Travel Bucket List – Malawi

I have worked in the Malawian travel industry for 7 years now and I have traveled to so many beautiful places. I have experienced raw and refined Malawi, I have seen the most unreal breathtaking sunsets and yet there have been some places that have simply been elusive. So, I am putting them on my bucket list as a reminder to save money and discover Malawi.

Likoma Island

Likoma Island- Sunrise Inn

Sigh, if only I could fly there (you can I just can’t afford it) just the thought of spending hours on the ancient Ilala leaves my stomach in knots. But I have recently received an opportunity to travel to Likoma island for their yearly island festival and I am going to take it. It is after all the best way to experience Likoma. I mean seven days of, sightseeing, music concert, island parade, traditional dances, food festival, historical sites visit (hello St. Peter’s Cathedral) water sports competitions and snorkeling? Yes please!


Majete Wild Life Reserve- Mkulumadzi - Robin Pope Safari
Photo credit : Robin Pope Safaris

The only way I personally live on the edge is by going on safaris, nothing gets your adrenaline pumping like coming face to face with an elephant or a herd of buffalo. Run and Repopulated by African Parks Majete is my favourite Game Reserve in Malawi, being just an hour forty-five minutes out of Blantyre it is perfect for a day trip. But I am prepared to sell my kidney for a night at Mkulumadzi, I mean what is this lodge doing being so luxurious in the middle of the jungle for? Picture this river cruises, game drives, private pool, dine under the stars even sleep under the stars (if you want) and a bottle of champagne on arrival!

Satemwa Tea Estate

Huntingdon House - Satemwa Tea Estate
Satemwa Tea Estate

Another day trip I should have taken by now because Thyolo is 45 minutes away from Blantyre or less. A typical day comprises of mountain bike tours, hiking, bird watching, coffee tours, tea tasting, a game of croquet and badminton and of course afternoon tea, now doesn’t that just sound relaxing?

Plateau Stables

Plateau stables - Zomba Plateau
Zomba Plateau Stables

We all know that Zomba Plateau is my favorite place in the world. The lush green flora and the beautiful Mulunguzi dam, just fills me with peace and stillness and I absolutely love it! I always drive straight to Kuchawe and surprisingly I have never tried to stop by the stables for some horse riding. Maybe it’s not so surprising because I am averse to most physical activities and honestly, I’m always wary of trying new things. So, here’s to at least trying to get on a horse next time I am in Zomba.

Chikala Pillars

Chikala Pillars - Machinga District
Chikala Pillars

I mean just look at! The pictures from this spot would just be insane. Need I say more? Definitely worth the stop next time I am on my way to Liwonde!

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