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On turning 25

On turning 25

I always thought turning 25 would be a catastrophic life altering event I would never recover from. And I had every right to think so given my history of having incapacitating meltdowns on my birthdays. I imagined I would be curled up in bed sobbing in hiccups over all of the things I have not achieved, the things I do not possess, the places I have not been.

But that hasn’t happened yet and I don’t think it will. All I feel today is relief. I am not sure I can quiet explain it but I have been filled with a calmness and a sense of arrival, like everything has led me to this moment.

The beauty of getting older for me is that I can finally be myself. I have been so many girls over the past years, Some I have discarded some I have embraced. And what is really exciting for me is that I have finally out grown the need to be beautiful, likeable and less socially awkward. I have instead become more concerned with people liking the contents of my brain. There is nothing I have grown to despise more than feeling like I am out of my depth in a conversation. I want to accumulate enough knowledge to know what I am talking about but most importantly to implement all of my heart’s desire effectively.

The next 5 years

One of the things I am incredibly grateful for is time. Time has allowed me so many opportunities to try, fail and learn. Which in turn has led to me not wanting to do everything anymore more. I have distilled my thoughts and aspirations into more meaningful and attainable goals I actually want to achieve for MYSELF.

I have become less concerned with leaving a legacy and I feel more inclined to make a real difference. In regards to this, here are a few projects I intend to work on for the next 5 years

Mollela– a collaborative effort with Rachael Kamphale to eradicate period poverty among school going girls and later on among other vulnerable women (special needs, homeless, prisoners etc). To provide menstrual hygiene education to the youth (male and female) to destigmatise menstruation, among other things.

Xaralately– curating the best in travel and lifestyle in Malawi.  Vis a Vis living my best life while preserving the 21st century urban Malawian aesthetic.

The book of Xa– Autobiographical poetry collection

BA – Social Science / Mass communication (can’t decide

The Power of Audacity– Autobiographical self-help book. A guide to coming into your own and achieving your goals

Blantyre by Xara – A digital catalogue showcasing the best in Living, Dining and Events Blantyre has to offer. Also a biannual Print catalogue

To close off I wish myself energy and tenacity to continue on this path I have chosen. Thank you for reading and thank you for all the birthday wishes.

lots of love,


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