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Rating 2 for 1 Pizza in Blantyre

Rating 2 for 1 Pizza in Blantyre

What’s better than pizza? free pizza! No seriously, I almost always only eat pizza when there is a special. And lucky for me that’s almost every day of the week in Blantyre. In this listicle, I will be rating all the buy 1 get 1 free pizza I’ve had, please let me know if I’ve missed a spot so that I can add it to the list!

* Grainy looking pictures from my instagram stories

4. Pizza Inn – Tuesdays

Everyone knows about terrific Tuesday, it is the OG 2 for 1. But just because they were the first doesn’t mean they are the best. Their Tueday pizzas are so lacking in cheese and toppings that I haven’t given them another try in four years. Do let me know if they have improved.

3. Kips -Wednesdays

I was skeptical about trying the Kips pizza special because c’mon? their chips and chicken leaves much to be desired. But I was pleasantly surprised because they make decent pizza. My only problem with them is because their special is so popular and affordable – from 7000 Kwacha – sometimes, just sometimes the pizza is undercooked.

Pro tip, call in advance so that you don’t wait an hour or more. Also highly recommend you get the pizza from Kips by Shoprite.

2. Pizza Heaven (Victoria Gardens) – Tuesdays and Thursdays

Following the caption on my previous photo, you are wondering how Victoria Gardens is on number 2. Well, the truth is they have improved tremendously since that picture was taken.

Their dough is just the right amount of thick and their toppings are generous. The spicy chicken has green chili and I am absolutely obsessed with it. Special starts from 8500 Kwacha.

1. Splash Restaurant (Amaryllis) – Everyday

Splash is number 1 because their pizza is simply the best. From 10,000 Kwacha, you can get 2 delicious pizzas anytime any day. I’ve literally never had a 2 for 1 with so much cheese, their beef, pepper and onion pizza is something you need to try today!

Okay that’s it for today, if you don’t agree with my ranking please let me know, I would love to argue 😂.


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