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Reflecting on 25 – My Highlights from 2020

Reflecting on 25 – My Highlights from 2020

Document the moments you feel most in love with yourself – what you’re wearing, who you’re around, what you’re doing. Recreate and repeat

Warsan Shire

I have only been Twenty-six for three months and Twenty-five is already fading into a blur. So, I wanted to take the time to reflect on all the important moments and milestones before I lose them to time. I also know one day I will be feeling useless and unworthy and I will come back to this list as a reminder of how wonderful life can be, so shall we?

One word to describe 25?


Best thing that happened to me at 25?

Little star

Ndondwa – without whom I would have never known what it feels like to love another human being unconditionally. I am so grateful to be her aunt, it is the best side of me.

Worst moment of 25

I was in ceaseless physical pain for very long time. My mind went to some very dark places every time I was left alone with it.

Something I learned to do?

When I was 11 I almost drowned on a school trip to the lake. After that, I only tethered on the edge of water bodies for pictures.

But at 25 I finally learned how to swim, I still get panic attacks sometimes while swimming but I still absolutely love it.

Most memorable moment

All of my most memorable moments from 25 involve my partner’s mother. Meeting her for the first time, when she let me dye her hair, gifting, fire chats. I really love spending time with her. She is so patient and she is incredibly supportive. I have never felt like I couldn’t be myself around her, it is like having a mother again.

But nothing made me happier than the day she asked for my phone number idk that made our relationship official ❤.

Most newsworthy events

I got paid money to create content for the first time ever. Which resulted in my first podcast. It was amazing, I was in my bag, truly.

I was also on my first billboard – for Airtel. That’s right! that’s me on the far right! Never forget!

I also published my first book. A true labor of love. Read the synopsis and get it here 👇🏽

Time I laughed the hardest

Jose and Tasha were in town for a wedding and they were sleeping over at my place. We had a really good time laughing at our very real problems.

My Tash Mash

Favorite place I visited

Sungeni Cottage was a very good time.

Biggest lesson learnt

The truth will always insist itself on you. Even when you are in denial or confused, it is always there nagging at you. You can choose to quiet it by doing the right thing or you can choose to live in discomfort.

Secondly, Energy doesn’t lie. Pay attention to how you feel around people, always gravitate towards ease and softness.

Biggest Flex

I stopped wearing makeup full time. This is my biggest flex because before, I would NEVER leave the house without makeup. You could never catch me on social media with a bare face, I literally would be on vacation in the sweltering heat in a full face beat.

I stopped wearing makeup out of laziness. I wanted to sleep in and I just couldn’t do it every single day anymore. At first I was terrified at what people would say, what if they didn’t think I wasn’t beautiful anymore?

But in the end, my departure from fulltime beauty has been freeing. My confidence doesn’t depend on my appearance anymore and I have made peace with my “flaws”.

I think that’s about it. Thank you for reading, Same time next year?


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