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The Bistro – Blantyre Italian

The Bistro – Blantyre Italian

There isn’t much you can find about The Bistro online, which is a shame because it is one the sweetest and coziest restaurants in town.

Located in Namiwawa, Blantyre, the restaurant features a bar, an indoor space and a semi outdoors/ garden dining area, which makes it perfect for any occasion.

The food

Bistro Menu

Is mostly Italian, with lot’s of pasta and a range of other tempting options. I ordered the Bistro noodles which came with supple beef strips and zucchini.


Why I loved it

  • Amazing starters
  • Quiet and relaxed ambience
  • POS machine – which you can also tip the waiters through!

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  • The place Is actually cute and I usually pass by I’ll go check it out another day but the fact that they have specific days that they open I’m afraid I might go on the wrong day lol

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