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“Adulting — being a responsible adult. Used by millennials who are proud of themselves for paying a bill.”

“Adulting- Post adolescence when the light in your eyes fades away and dies

Urban dictionary

Does it get easier? I highly doubt it, but maybe it shouldn’t be so bad. Your 20’s can be chaotic and it helps to have guidelines and routines so that you don’t completely screw everything up and also lose your mind. Having some fun and manageable anxiety along the way to success and most importantly wealth is a must. Here are some tips I have picked up along the way.


Even if you have someone to make it. Do it first thing in the morning so that you are at least sure you have completed one task. “If you make your bed first thing in the morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another and another

Also coming home to a messy bed doesn’t do your anxiety any favors. Finding my bed made among the clutter I leave in the morning helps me feel less overwhelmed honestly.


Get it like yesterday, if you are over the age of 18 and you don’t have a health care plan then shame on you. Not to be morbid but you could be healthy today and on a hospital bed tomorrow. When you become ill everything goes downhill fast! You don’t want to place the burden of hospital bills on your family when Masm schemes start from as low as MKW 4000.


I know it’s hard to save what with all these turn ups, weddings and all other events that require money and fresh fancy gear. But save as often as possible in an account you can’t touch at will. Better yet invest that money you won’t be touching.


You are only young once so please travel while your knees still work and you don’t have back problems.


Do you self a favor and save your money by eating at home. I know that’s not good enough for your social media aesthetics but going out to dinner so often can become expensive. But if you insist then please tip waiters and whoever else needs to be tipped. Not too generously but enough. (People who don’t tip are a huge turn off, to me at least)


Follow up, show up on time (not Malawian time please), have a calendar of commitments so that you don’t miss anything.


Yes, you will get guests now that you are older and they will need to eat. So, have a few signature dishes that you always get right and will get you compliments. Also learn a dish you can make perfectly in bulk for family gatherings. As a proper adult you should never show up to these things empty handed.


Stick to that exercise that works for you, have personal time everyday where you put on a face mask and savour a glass of wine I mean really savour it. Listen to music, cook. Soak in a tub just hangout by yourself and chill TF out, everything is going to be okay.


It’s important to have faith in something. If you believe in God the he should be the first you turn to when you are feeling overwhelmed and things are not going your way. It will help you feel better and believe that things will look up. Always pray for comfort when you are depressed and can’t talk to anyone.


If you are rich then please skip this. But I mean if you are still building and growing dating someone who always expects you to pay for everything is redundant. I mean they have to pay for something at dinner or pay for dinner sometimes. Buying your significant others clothes and hair or paying their rent when you already have a bunch of responsibilities is literal insanity. Gifts are ok but if you are doing this on a monthly/regular basis (you know what I mean here) if they loved you enough they wouldn’t put you in that position they would be trying to get their finances in order but instead they are leeching off of you.

*this applies to both genders in case that was not clear.


Cleaning, like cooking helps you relieve stress. The clearer your space the clearer you mind is.


Always find a reason to laugh, it keeps you young and healthy. Also avoid drama at all costs. It’s okay to live a drama free lifestyle. Know who your real friends are and keep it pushing. It’s easier to have fun and keep the vibes positive when you hang out with people who are genuinely your friends.


It’s okay to say no. In life you will never please everyone so stop trying. You can try but it will eat you up inside. Learn to shake off haters (if they are not imaginary) they want to see you fail, they refuse to watch you succeed. So, there is nothing you can do but devote your energy to living your best life and just ignoring their negative vibes.


Ever! It’s okay to fail, it’s okay to make mistakes but you learn and keep on pushing. Never give up when times get rough. You can push through and you will succeed!

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