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Why Having House Plants is Good for Your Mental Health

Why Having House Plants is Good for Your Mental Health

I grew up surrounded by plants. My grandmother’s crawled the walls of her living room, My mother had a garden and I had a succulent in a milk can. And much like nsalu za mipando, I never really thought I would be the kind of woman who owned  indoor plants. But I found myself being drawn to the as I’ve gotten older but I never got around to getting them. But the other day I was overcome with the sudden conviction(read unbearable sadness) to get lots of plants and I am now happy to say that I am a proud crazy plant lady (crazy cat lady is so generation X)

The joy I felt bringing my babies home is indescribable. There I was with these living things in my space that required my attention and whose lives depended on me.I had read about how plants improve your mental health and I must say, I have been feeling a lot better after work lately. I no longer come home,curl up in my bed and panic miserably about all of the work waiting for me the next day because my room looks so pretty and also I have to water and loosen the soil which takes about 30 minutes, and nothing beats seeing one of my plants has sprouted a fresh new leaf. If you are not sold yet,here are some of the reasons you should get indoor plants.


When you are depressed you are overcome with a feeling of hopelessness and apathy. And because taking care of plants requires mindfulness,keeping track of watering schedules,managing pruning and sunlight hours. It may be the most proactive thing you could do to rescue your self from the sunken place. Plants are so easy  to take care of and getting one is just the right amount of commitment you need. Watching a plant grow and blossom under your care can be very uplifting during a dark time


Lack of airflow in your room can have a negative effect on your mental and physical health. Having synthetic materials in our homes  (paint,carpets,furnishing) means our spaces are full of chemicals in the air. But breathing cleaner air improves sleep quality ,concentration,physical health and reduces fatigue.Breathing cleaner air also means you are taking fuller breaths and this may help with anxiety and panic attacks.


Gardening is a great way to take a break from your phone. It is practically impossible to scroll through your social media feed when your hands are dirty from loosening the soil in your pots. For a few minutes after a long day being truly alone and just nurturing a plant is good for you.Just give your brain a moment to not worry about emails, engagement and jealousy inducing posts of people living their best lives.


While there is no conclusive scientific evidence that proves talking to your plants helps them grow,I still talk to mine. I only say kind and encouraging things to them. And this in turn has taught me positive self talk. Yes if I am crazy enough to be talking to plants then I might as well say kind things to myself. And so now everyday is peppered with words of self applause and encouragement,and I must say I really love it here.

Thank you for reading, if you already have a plant please leave some tips in comments because I am scared I might kill mine lol.

2 thoughts on “Why Having House Plants is Good for Your Mental Health”

  • I have a small plant at home. I got it in 2018 and having been watching it grow for two years. I’ve had a number of highs and lows with taking care of it. (It was hard for me in the beginning even though it’s a fairly easy plant to take care of me😭).

    But it’s still alive now and I love it so much. It brings me so much joy and looking at it does help me a lot when I’m feeling down.

    I’m thinking about getting a few more for my window sill this year.

    • I feel you sis,everytime one of my plants gets a new shoot I could cry. It gives me so much joy. Also some of my plants died unfortunately lol, so I ended up getting a few small cacti.They are low maintance and so adorable. I highly recommend x

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