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Why You Should Have Lunch at Kwa Haraba this Week

Why You Should Have Lunch at Kwa Haraba this Week

If you are a creative,you do not need convincing to go to Kwa Haraba,that place is practically our home. I had not been there this whole year until this Monday and I was surprised to see how much has changed.Here are 5 reasons why you should eat at kwa haraba this week (and always)

1.Peace and Quiet

The last time I went to Kwa Haraba was on a Saturday, I had a raging hangover and someone was playing the guitar.You can imagine what the noise was doing to my headache. But during the week everyone is well behaved and practicing their art on the inside.It is the perfect place for a lunch meeting,a date and even solo interlude to catch your breath on a hectic day.

2 Lamb burger

Full disclosure it was my first time having a lamb burger. It was sooooooo juicy with a little grainy texture, I really enjoyed it. And this should go without saying,the salad at Kwa Haraba is the stuff of legend.

3. To feel cultured

If you want to impress your out of town friends and foreigners then you should bring them to Kwa Haraba. The afrikan aesthetic,the paintings,the murals ,the food ,the masks, the books,the wine in the little clay pots. It is literally perfect.

4. Coco banana smoothie

I am still drinking this,it is so fulfilling. You can ask them to add a few shots of your favorite poison if day drinking is your thing ( I am judging you, a little)

5.You might run into me

And have the pleasure of buying me a drink and enduring my off color jokes and wit.

thanks for reading, ciao

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