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My Favorite Instagram MW Girlies

My Favorite Instagram MW Girlies

I have a weird relationship with Instagram. I’ll be honest, I log out as soon as I post a picture but I also check the app more than anything else throughout the day. But I feel unlike me, these girls have figured it out. The attention,the poses,the filters,the algorithm,even the captions. Their accounts are pretty, inspiring, curated or funny and I love that I follow them.

These are my five favorite accounts on Instagram Malawi.

Anita – mizzniiii

Anita serves and she serves it all. From body and vacation goals to fashion and style – her page is an astonishing curation of a glamorous life well lived.

What I love the most about her page is that her pictures are stunning -nothing looks grainy or low res – and that she posts often. Not a month passes without a getaway or two. And even when she is not travelling, her style posts are dazzling enough to turn her page into a look book.

Nthanda – nthandalmanduwi

A Malawian digital icon and social media maven (among many other things) Nthanda L Manduwi, is the only person on this list who uses Instagram the way that she does. Let me explain, Nthanda is a story teller and she has a life – which she shares about it in fascinating detail. She treats her Instagram like a micro blog so that means instead of posting pictures with cheesy captions or non at all, the pictures are often accompanied with well thought out and meaningful captions that tell a story.

And while her Instagram is full of quality travel, style and boss babe content, what I love the most are her stories. Whether she is cooking, working,at the spa, behind the scenes, or running around town – her stories are immersive and they leaving you wanting more.

Vannesa – vanessaoliviaart

As a creator and connoisseur of art, I would be doing myself a disservice if I did not include one of my favorite digital illustrators on this list. Vanessa’s page looks like what you get when you search “Black girl art” on pinterest, except this is a Malawian lady creating the stuff of our wildest dreams.

Vannesa shares her process including difficulties (if any) and pleasures that went into creating each individual piece which just makes it even more endearing. Her page is definitely one of the most visually appealing and refreshing pages I follow and I cannot wait to see what she is going to create this year.

Christina – christina_mabvuto

Christina is hands down my favorite Malawian Model. I mean she is gorgeous but it is the attitude for me. She is bold and fearless when striking a pose and she isn’t shy when it comes to doing what needs to be done to turn an outfit and a moment into art. Don’t believe me?go check out her Instagram page.

Her page is full of fashion shoots and her life looks like editorial. I am always excited to see her latest posts because it is something different each time. I hope she continuous to challenge herself and keeps pushing the boundaries.

Tilly – pinkadelik

Tilly is a baddie and she knows it! and even though she is not based in Malawi,her content is too good to not include on this list. Tilly shares her passions for travel and style and brunch, frequently updating her page on recent trips and outings. 

And even though her pictures and stories are pretty, what I personally love the most are the pictures of food. As a foodie I can appreciate these intricate dishes and the skill it takes to make me drool from a single picture.

Okay there you have it! my favorite girls, my woman crushes. Is there someone you think creates dope content that I should follow?let me know in the comments.

Otherwise stay in, stay safe and follows these accounts!

All my love, ❀


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