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My Solo Getaway – Kutchire Lodge

My Solo Getaway – Kutchire Lodge

The plan was to stay for a night, but I fell in love. I had an idea that Kutchire was amazing but pictures can be deceiving so I kept my expectations pretty low. But I was truly surprised, nothing had prepared me for how I would feel seeing the infrastructure in person or how relaxing an immersive safari experience would actually be.

Kutchire lives up to its name and it is like no place I have seen so far. On arrival I could already see the baboons swinging around happily in the trees and a Water Buck staring at me nervously from the river bank, that is when I knew I had to stay longer.

The Lodge

Is a cluster of chalets and dormitories located within the boundaries of Liwonde National Park.

The collection of 4 chalets, 4 family rooms, 5 tree houses and 2 dorm rooms were modeled after the mud-brick dwellings of a traditional Malawian village houses.

The restaurant is an open space next to the river and on a good day elephants are known to show up for lunch.

The swimming pool was built inside a mud enclosure that was molded to look like a massive rock and blends in well with the nature.

My room

I did not let my acrophobia stop me from living my best life so after signing a waiver, taking an orientation and tour, I checked into a tree house.

It had 3 beds, a couple of chairs and a bathroom, nothing too fancy but very clean and comfortable. From my bed I could hear the sounds of crocodiles splashing in and out of the river and at night I could hear the hippos munching on the grass beneath my tree house.

It was a really thrilling experience until I started getting paranoid about waking up in a python, but Max the manager assured me that all rooms and surrounding areas are sprayed with snake repellent and I slept just a little bit better after that.

What to do

At 6 am the guides are happy to take you on a game drive. This is the best time as you have a better chance of seeing big cats (Lions and Cheetahs) early in the morning.

In the afternoon, go on a river safari and see some of Liwonde ‘S 4000 Hippos and Crocodiles up close. You will also see elephants grazing by the river side and it is truly a sight to behold.

After your game drive relax and take a nap on the viewing decks


Chalets – MWK 35,000 per person

Dorm beds – MWK 18,000 per person

Game drive – MWK 18,000 per person

Boat Safari – MWK 18,000 per person
  • please note that the accommodation rates include all meals

Why I loved it

  • 2 percent of your bill goes towards building houses in the village just outside of kutchire lodge.
  • The tree houses and viewing decks
  • The pool with the cave
  • The most budget friendly accommodation in any park in Malawi
  • If you aren’t driving, the lodge is happy to pick you up from Liwonde town for free
  • Green energy – the lodge is solar powered
  • The really friendly staff who were more than happy to take pictures of me a solo traveler and patiently answer all my questions about the park.

Must pack

Insect repellent – the bite of the Tsetse flies in Liwonde might not be lethal but it stings and itches for days on end. I have been back 3 days and I am still scratching.

Sun screen- Liwonde is hot and humid. And if you will be out and about on the adventures you will be in the sun and you need to protect your skin.

Your poison – unless you drink beer and soft drinks, I highly recommend you bring your own drink.

Power bank

How to get there

Directions according to google maps


Call Sam to make your reservation today +265 992 128 403

Thank you reading, all my love


ps: check out my Instagram page for more pictures and videos of the magnificent animals I saw on my trip.

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